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The Kids' Log: July 15-21, 2012

Sunday, July 22, 2012

*sidebar: My heart goes out to the victims of the Aurora, Colo. shootings and their families. I am just horrified by this senseless act of violence. I don't think I'll ever be desensitized to the brutality of mass killings of innocent people. The only way to end evil is to confront it with peace and love. Please send peace and love to the grief-stricken friends and family members who have to deal with this tragedy*
Sweet Lord, give me the strength! I had to start this week's update with a prayer because my buttons are being pushed. Damon started his new job this week. Heaven, help me! So I am by myself again with a terrible toddler and a baby who is sweet but still needs my attention. While this is not new it is harder to handle when we've been transplanted and I haven't gotten my bearings. We're still house-hunting and that is stressful enough without a certain soon-to-be-three-year-old trying to undo me. 

It didn't help that we both caused injuries to the kids. I caught Desmond with the buckle on his bouncy seat by accident. His arm got in the way just as I was snapping the straps and the skin near his elbow got pinched. He hollered for a few minutes and then he was his sunny self again. Damon slammed Marlie's pointer finger in the door when she stuck her hand in the door jamb as he was closing it. She screamed bloody murder for the entire morning. Anyone within earshot would have called CPS on us because it sounded like she was being abused. In her defense the finger was all bruised, bloody, and swollen. I thought it was broken for a second. Another trip to the ER averted! Good thing too because we aren't signed up for insurance yet. On Friday we moved to another temporary residence. This one is so much bigger and in a better area.

So to recap: Monday was bad. Tuesday was worse. Wednesday saw some relief. Thursday was bearable. Friday was frantic. Saturday was a lovely at Temescal Lake. Here are some photos of Marlie enjoying the lake (Desmond slept in the Boba the whole time):
Marlie trying to play catch with her daddy in the lake

Marlie getting twirled around in the water

Marlie chasing a duck

Marlie feeding the ducks

Toddler Log: 2 Years 48 Weeks Old:
Marlie got to test drive her new school on Wednesday and she loves it so she is going as many open days until her official start date. It was the one day this week that she didn't have any meltdowns. She made up for it on Thursday though because she is going for the world record for most tantrums thrown in a day. After pizza and time at the park, I told her to go take a nap. She immediately started screaming no, the tears were flowing, and she turned to jelly when I tried to pick her up to take her to the bedroom. Why is everything a battle these days? I understand that she is acting out because of the changes and she has a touch of cabin fever. But, Lordy, does she half to be so mean about it? She told me more than once this week that she doesn't have to listen to me and that she isn't happy with me. She told her father that she doesn't love him anymore. Pardon my patois...but backside!

I need to get her sass under control because she is putting a damper on my California vibes. I am not going to start spanking her. I am not going to keep yelling and threatening to take away her favorite toys and TV. I am going to reset our expectations because some things have slipped since we've moved and I am going to work on our communication too. I agreed to review a parenting program and I am going to try it and let you all know if it works.

Baby Log: 15 Weeks Old: 
Desmond is now in 6 month clothes. I bought him a 3-6 month swim set to go to the lake this weekend, but his buddha belly is poking out of the top. I need to return it for a 6-9 month size. He remains the chillax baby that he has been since day one. He is the yin to his sister's yang. I feel bad sometimes because it seems like I am always putting out fires with her and giving him the bare minimum, but he is mostly content to play by himself while I do damage control with Marlie. He actually seems amused by her antics.

He has gotten very good at grabbing and holding stuff. He got a hold of my earrings, that was fun! He likes to remove his pacifier, stare at it cross-eyed and put it back. He is also reaching for food. I might start him on solids in a few weeks if his pediatrician okays it. I ordered a bunch of developmental toys for him this week. I am looking forward to playing with them together once his big sister is in school and I get him all to myself.


Maureensk said...

One of my kids was really big into grabbing things at Desmond's age. I carried her in a backpack carrier and finally sheered my hair completely short, because I was tired of her pulling it all the time. Hopefully this new school will help with Marlie. Some kids just need the structure and routine that school provides (not to mention ample social opportunities). My kids are not those types, except my 19 year-old, who went to school for about half of her education and was mostly happier there (besides a few bumps in the road). In fact, she still has a hard time during school breaks and she is in college! She was also my tantrum child, boy she could throw some whopper tantrums. A couple of times, I had to take my other kids, including her older brother, and lock us in another room, just to protect them from her. She would just be flailing about so much and she was always big, so she'd take out anyone in the way (unintentionally). Have you had problems with getting lost yet? I always find that to be the worst part of moving to new cities with young children. Of course, now they have GPS units, but still, you can get turned around. And then you're trying to focus on traffic while the kids suddenly NEED your immediate attention and then the road you were going to take is a one-way road and you have Mister Honkity-Honk-His-Horn behind you... Hope you have a better week next week!

The Redhead Riter said...

So sorry!!!! When our children get hurt physically or emotionally, it is always so awful because we can't fix it and make it go completely away immediately.

Hopefully, the new week will be much better!

Quiana said...

Awww I hope your California-induced happiness returns soon! Can't believe you had to move yet again. That must be so hard and sounds like all the changes are definitely taking their toll on Marlie. Hoping she enjoys her new school!

Help! Mama Remote... said...

Oh so glad they're ok. I'm hoping you all can get settled soon so you could get some rest and be at ease. (hugs) My heart has been hurting for the victims in Colorado. We need so much help in our world.

Kim said...

Praying is necessary these days. I love the pictures and I can't imagine what you're talking about, Marlie looks so sweet and peaceful:) I think Naveen could give her a run for her money in the tantrum department. He's got longevity.

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