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Toddler Log: 2 Years and 3 Weeks Old

Sunday, September 4, 2011

It seems like toddlers have their own language sometimes. Marlie knows tons of English words and learns new ones everyday, but every now and then she busts out something that sounds like Klingon. Her new nonsensical phrase is "bee bee top." I have no clue what it means.

Something has been eating us alive in our house. My feet and ankles are covered in itchy bites and so are Marlie's legs and arms (she calls them, "bee bites"). At first I thought they were mosquitoes, but they were only on my feet and ankles. Then I got worried that bed bugs hitched a ride home with us from NYC. Well, we finally uncovered the culprits...fleas! Those things are vicious and so hard to kill because they are constantly laying eggs. We are trying every natural flea remedy we can find because I don't want my carpets and rugs sprayed with toxic pesticides. After a week of spraying herbal insect killer and grinding diatomaceous earth into the carpets, I think we finally have the blood-suckers beat.

Marlie came down with a cold mid-week and I have been running snot interference since plus she gave it to me and I feel crappy, so this is the end of this update. I'll catch up with you fine folk when I am less stuffy.


Maureensk said...

Hope you feel better soon! As soon as you described your bug bites I knew what they were, because growing up San Diego, fleas were a constant issue. I guess they like the dry heat or something, because we have never had them up here, even with pets. We also don't get sugar ants up here like we did in SD, thank goodness. What we do get are spiders the size of oranges and let me tell you when I first saw one, I started thinking of "Arachnophobia" and screaming and what not. I still despise the things, but they are supposedly harmless. Of course, that is assuming you can tell the difference between these regular ones and brown recluses and hobo spiders - lets just say I opt for killing any of them that dare to enter my home (actually I let hubby kill them because squishing that big of spiders is absolutely disgusting).

Krissy said...

Aww I hope you ladies feel better soon.

Fles suck! I got bit by one outside yesterday. I'm glad you've gotten rid of them

Jas talks very well but sometimes she says things and I just tell her " I don't know that one baby" lol

Anonymous said...

My little M has her own language as well-- her new words right now are-- juicf(juice)and pap pee ( paci)--

Toodlers say the cutest things!

Super cute blog-- glad I found you!

Kimberly Grabinski said...

Oh no fleas suck!

I love toddler 'Klingon' it's like a puzzle to try and interpret it.

Mama Up! said...

Fleas are the worst! But if you don't have pets - can't recall if you have any cats or dogs - it's slightly easier to beat them because they don't live all that well on human blood. Here's hoping you have them beat! We have to remember to put Frontline on the cats monthly, especially since we allow one to go outdoors. Worst job ever? Shampooing my incredibly water averse cat with special shampoo and then combing her with a nit comb. Ugh!

Theodora Ofosuhima said...

How bad, I hope you manage to deal with those fleas as soon as possibe.

Happy 2 years and 3weeks to Marlie :)

Lee-Ann said...

Ugh, bad week bug wise! Hope everything clears up & all is good soon!

Quiana said...

Klingon! LOL! DH says Nia speaks HTML code. Toddlertalk is so funny!

Kim said...

Lately Deaglan is making up words and then reciting their definitions: Today he told me about slinkins - this is another word for mountains. Hmmm. Fleas!! Honestly, I had enough of a headache getting rid of lice last month, it took me several treatments (on my head). I thought I was going to go crazy not to mention how embarrassing it was sitting through meetings at work wanting to roll on the floor and itch my scalp. Just living the glamorous life over here!

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