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Stock Up on Holiday Food Staples with Tetra Pak Goods #CartonSmart

Thursday, November 14, 2013

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Carton Smart for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

When I walk into the grocery store these days I see constant reminders that the holiday season is upon us. There are huge displays and aisle end caps filled to the hilt with pantry goods that I need to stock up on for all those holiday meals. I was fortunate to receive an organic Pacific Foods starter kit of chicken stock, pumpkin puree and cranberry sauce to get me going and help me Become Carton Smart

 photo 795e421d-1ec8-414e-b1b8-dde8f5f23ded_zps62983f0a.jpg  photo d1d52bb8-c150-4f19-9a7c-b8c9ab3c8df3_zpsac6b75dd.jpg  photo 62adf36b-e1dc-4d93-98c1-aa80d97a468d_zps600d562e.jpg

One cooking staple I am always running out of around the holidays is chicken stock. We use it for soup, gravy, stir-fry, and my favorite holiday dish...cornbread stuffing! No holiday dinner is complete until my husband places a dish of  southern cornbread stuffing on the table made with his mother's recipe. Her version calls for oysters (they are from the Gulf Coast) but we skip that ingredient and keep it simple.

Her recipe also calls for homemade chicken stock, but who has time for that?! It's amazing how many food products you can get in cartons from non-dairy beverages like almond milk to baked beans. This Thanksgiving, I am swapping the canned chicken stock we usually buy for a Pacific Foods carton of organic low-sodium chicken stock. I can already taste it the yummy goodness!

Pacific Foods starter kit

Tetra Pak® cartons are the smart choice for food staples. They are made from a renewable resource, are recyclable, and maintain the freshness of the food without preservatives. This fun infographic explains all the benefits of choosing a carton:

 photo 1898ca76-3272-4baf-a8df-07abf60e15e3_zps1bf425e9.jpg

How do you plan to reduce waste while entertaining this holiday season?

Share you tips and learn more on how to be #CartonSmart via Tweet @CartonSmart and Follow #CartonSmart on Pinterest.

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Jenn said...

I love products from the Pacific Organic brand. I get them all the time. I especially like their soups.

Shelley Zurek -- Still Blonde after all these YEARS said...

I try to buy carton whenever I can as I like the way stuff tastes out of them as well.

Momma Told Me said...

I always shop cartons for my stock; I am a firm believer in ease of use and the clarity of flavor preservation!

Unknown said...

Using cartons are so much easier for storing!

Katherine Bartlett said...

I love their products so much. They are delicious!

Lena B said...

Totally - I'd love me some soup any day of the week

brokenteepee said...

I would love to have pumpkin puree in a carton - that would be wonderful. Thanks for letting me know about it. So much nicer than in a can.

Heavenly Savings said...

I have never seen this brand before. I'll have to look out for them next time I go shopping! Thanks!

Brandy M. said...

I am in love with their pumpkin puree. So fresh tasting!

Cinny said...

I've never tried their brand before, will have to check them out next time I'm at the grocery store

Help! Mama Remote... said...

LOL at who has time for that. I've never seen cranberry sauce in a carton. I'm going to look out for it and try it this holiday. We're also good with reducing waste by not using paper plates.

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