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Soapbox Saturday: Zombies

Saturday, June 12, 2010

We watched Zombieland on DVD last weekend. It's a good movie, funny and poignant. Woody Harrelson turns zombie-slaying into a fine art and his sidekick is a hilarious, neurotic geek who becomes a hero. Plus there is a surprise cameo by a star comedian that kills. I won't spoil it for you. Go rent the movie! Now onto to my thoughts on zombies...

My mistake was watching the movie before going to bed. I dreamed that zombies were attacking the city, but the three of us managed to get away in our car. Along the way Damon got hold of a CB radio and heard a message inviting anyone who was alive to take refuge a military base. So we go there, but it is a trap set by half-zombies who still had enough human intelligence to trick people into becoming their next victims! We start running back to our car, but a hybrid zombie tackles me and bites me. I tell Damon to take Marlie and get out of there. I cry as I watch them escape because I know I will never see them again.

I wait to become zombie food, but they don't try to eat me. The hybrid zombie leader tells me that they are trying to save people by biting them so they can become half-zombies. He explains that full zombies don't mess with half-zombies, only full-humans (I was confused in my dream, too). For some reason in my dream, I am a biologist and I come up with this brilliant theory that if a bite from a zombie turns you into a zombie, then the reverse must be true. I tell the hybrid zombie leader that they can become full humans again if they bit the zombies! The rest of my dream consists of proving the theory, fighting our way through a pack of full-zombies into a radio station tower to broadcast the news, saving humankind, and reuniting with my family. This would make a good movie don't you think?

I have been analyzing this dream to death (ha!). I think I have a subconscious fear of dying before I get to see Marlie grow up. What do you think?


Ms. Understood said...

LOL. You zombie movie plot sounds a lot better than some other stuff I see turned into movies. Write it. Pitch it. Watch the movie come in. I have fears about not being able to see my kids grow up (or not even having a chance to kids at all). My mom died when I was 19 (my little bro was 16 - the week before his birthday), so it's something I really worry about.

Alexia said...

This is exactly why I can't bring myself to watch zombie movies! I would have dreams like this for weeks! It's almost more exhausting to have such a vivid dream, no? Kudos to you for figuring out a plan you super biologist you!!!

I agree with Ms. Understood - this dream has potential to be a summer blockbuster!

Anonymous said...

Great plot for a potential movie!

I have the same fears -- not being able to protect my son, dying while he's young etc.

Maybe your dream also shows that you'd fight to be with your family whatever it takes. And, that even if you're not able to be there, your husband will take care of business.

The Redhead Riter said...

That's a common fear for a mother. Now that Alyssa is nearly "grown up" I fear I won't get to see her get married, have babies, etc. Never ending worry!

Mama Up! said...

And that's why I don't watch scary movies anymore! (Or movies that are too sad or movies that have anything at all bad happening to children in them!)

Mommy Boots (formerly KarmaPearl) said...

Zombieland RULES!

I have noticed that my tolerance for violent/scary movies went WAY DOWN after I had Nellie. When she was about a week old I had friends over and we watched one of the Saw movies, which I normally love. It left me feeling really sad and anxious for some reason. Mommies are just big softies I guess..

Maureensk said...

Now I know who I want to join my team if I'm attacked by zombies, you! Sounds like a brilliant plan. Zombies are the one thing that I've never been frightened of. Now the salt sucker in one of the episodes of the original Star Trek, that is scary!

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