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Baby Log: Week 15

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Marlie at 15 weeksWhat an exciting and exhausting week! It started off with a very special event and ended with us both catching colds (if I find the culprit who brought the cold bug into our home, I will make him/her pay dearly).It's partly my fault because I was eating lots of the wrong foods and not taking all my immune boosting vitamins during the holiday. In the chaos of a house full of guests and getting ready for the baptism, I forgot to take care of me. So here I sit sniffling and sneezing as I type this week's baby log when I'd rather be under some blankets asleep. But it was all worth it! Marlie's first Christmas tree
  • Marlie's baptism last Sunday was a truly wonderful moment that I will treasure forever. Both of her grandmothers, her grand-aunt, her godparents (Damon's brother and cousin), my godmother, and my sister came to town for the occasion. Here is a group photo of the family members who attended:
    family Thanksgiving photo
  • Marlie has really found her voice! Her middle name does mean "will be heard" and, boy, does she live up to it! Her vocalizing ranges from cooing beautiful melodies to shrieking like a banshee.
  • The teething is now making her miserable. When she isn't crying in discomfort, she is sucking hard on her fingers to soothe her gums. She favors her first two fingers, which she sometimes sticks too far down her throat causing her to gag or even throw up! Anyone else have a baby who does this? I have ordered he some organic teethers. Hopefully, she will chew on them for comfort and leave her hands alone.
  • She saw her first snow fall on Wednesday morning...well, it was more like a snow flurry, but exciting just the same.
  • She has learned a new trick. Baby Houdini can kick off her socks and her baby legs! This was the scene when I looked over at her onThursday morning. Notice one sock and legging is already off and she is working the others...caught ya in the act!!!
  • She has begun to take a keen interest in our dog. She now follows him with her eyes and motions toward him. I can tell that he just can't wait until she is old enough to get on the floor to play with him. Ha ha!
  • Marlie woke up yesterday with a snot-crusted nose (see photo to the left)...eww! That's why she's my Boogie!


Kimberly Grabinski said...

Awww...poor little Boogie with her crusty nose! I hope everyone feels better.

I love her polka dot jammies.

That family photo is gorgeous! We don't do enough of those in our family, we take pictures of the kids a lot but forget everyone else. Maybe this year for Christmas we can get everyone in one.

The sock & baby legs thingy cracked me up.

Radical Selfie said...

No, man, she sweet bad! I love the first pic with her little rose-accented head band!

The Redhead Riter said...

She is definitely coming into her own. Her little face is becoming "Marlie" and she really is gorgeous. I love her clothes. Mama has good taste! Is that hair I see? Growing back fine now too?

keyalus said...

On another blog I read, she mentioned how her 5 month old gags herself with her fingers. It happens!

The Baby Legs look so cute on little girls. I have a few pairs but I'm not sure how I feel about putting them on Lewis. I'm sure my husband will have something to say about them LOL.

Lewis pays no mind to my cat yet even though I've tried to get him to notice her. Interesting to know that he might do that in a few weeks. I feel sorry for my old cat... he is going to give her fits!

Anonymous said...

I love everything in Marlie!!!. She is FABULOUS! and cute and beautiful and... The pics are gorgeous, and i can clearly see the difference. As redhead riter said, she is absolutely coming into her own.
Much love and hugs hugs

Anonymous said...


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